Thursday, May 6, 2010

Start Time:
Friday, May 7, 2010 at 7:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 2:00am
Transcendent Church of Bass
920 Elliott Ave W
Seattle, WA


We are excited to announce a weekend-long Church of Bass REVIVAL from May 7-9. This weekend long celebration consists of several separate events: Friday night party, Saturday all-day workshops, Saturday night party, and a Saturday night Shpongle afterparty. (The complete weekend program is available at

On FRIDAY NIGHT of the REVIVAL, May 7, Live N Love and the Church of Bass invite you to join us for a dance party with a difference: the music will be provided LIVE by some of the most amazing band in the Northwest!

ALPACA - is coming all the way from Portland, and will be joined by

LUC AND THE LOVINGTONS - (SEA), Reggae / Hip Hop Freshness!/pages/Luc-and-the-Lovingtons/77451348266?v=wall&ref=ts

TITANIUM SPORKESTRA - (SEA), Clash meets Class Marching Band Style!/pages/Titanium-Sporkestra/128964744553?ref=ts

Sapience (SEA) Conscious hip hop / IDM

ELECTROSECT featuring Dana Vallery on guitar (SEA), - Downtempo Dub Tronica

CHRIS NULL w/ GREER SULLIVAN - (SEA). Sultry smooth Hip Hop

EPHIPINOUS - will be providing Visualus Stimulus to round out the entertainment for the night.

This evening of fun, music, and dancing starts at 7pm, yes 7pm! Bring some extra cash for raffle tickets - throughout the night there will be exciting raffle prizes!

Non alcoholic drinks provided by TCoB's Bass Bar

21+ w/ID; $12 presale; $15 door if available

For more details, information, and tickets please go to:

We'd like to express our gratitude to Church of Bass, Sweatbox, Uniting Souls, Innerflight, Decibel, all the volunteers, and Ephraim for his amazing artwork and flyer design. Without you the REVIVAL would not be possible.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pix Along the way....

Howler monkey

"My eggs, are not the solution"

(apparently, local turtle eggs make men horney, But harvesting has become a problem to the turtle population...)

Little girl wielding machete, makes me laugh.....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Isle de Ometepe, Nicaruagua

When I decided to move on from San Juan, I was surprised at how easy it was.
I caught a bus immediatly to Rivas, and from Rivas it was just a short taxi ride to the ferry dock. Unfortunatly my lack of understanding of Spanish became obvious to me when the taxi ride was over and he demanded 5$ from me. (I had thought we agreed on 15 Cordovas, which would be about .75$ ....wooops.)

Not knowing how to argue and haggle in spanish, I paid it and bailed, immediatly jumping on a 1.5 hour ferry ride to the magical Isle De Ometepe!!!

What a beautiful place. The Island was once part of the sea, when the twin volcanoes took up their push through the earth. What resulted somehow was that the volcanoes made an island, and around the sides, they made a landmass that would join the continental divide and add to the mass of nicaruaga. This resulted in one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world (second only to the great lakes, I believe. ) The Lake was originally salt water, but fed by fresh water streams, it gradually became a fresh lake over thousands of years. This unique situation makes the Lago de Nicaruagua home to many unique animals like the fresh water bull shark.

Along the way I met some great peeps. Id like to make a shout out to Erik and Sasha and Ben, who I met on the ferry, and then again in El Zipolote. Also to Kelsey and Kimberly who I met in Mayaglapo and chilled with in the Maderas side of the island. These kids all knew much more spanish than i did, and were very helpful dealing with my ignorance.

In General Ometepe was a very gentle place. I really enjoyed hiking there with new friends, and vibing on the locals. Everyone there was so chill and laid back, and I really got to experience the grace and patience of the island life style. I acctually got stuck there for an extra two days because of windy weather. It stopped the ferrys from running, and I ended up hiking around seeing even more great stuff.

I spent nearly all of my time on the maderas side at two different locations. The first two nights i stayed at Hacienda Maderas, a nice place catering to tourists and gringos. While there I hiked the volcano with a guide named Simione. He showed us coffee, and tobacco plants on our way up the mountain, as well as a Mayan petroglyph! The Glyph he said was acctually a map of the island from long ago.

Very facinating, considering the importance the Island plays in Mayan history....

The Next few nights I spent at el Zipolote, (thanks for the reccomendation Rhonda!) which was perfect. A little Hippie paradise on the other side of the volcano, I would reccomend this place to everyone that makes it to Ometepe. When i got there, I immediatly felt at home, and I met people there, that were really very loving and in the process of finding themseleves, just like I was.

While I was there I mostly just chilled, studied maps, worked on my spanish, and learned about the farm. They do great stuff there including permaculture, organic farming, recycling, and natural building. One day I made it out the Oja de Agua, aka "the eye of the water" which was a lovely spring fed swimming hole said to have age reversing properties.....

But soon it was time to move on, otherwise I would have had to spend another 4 days, as I was on my way to Costa Rica, and the ferrys only ran twice a week. I honestly considered getting stuck there for longer, but I was destined to run into Julian and Meeshell, and although i didnt know their plans, I knew I needed to get a move on.

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaruagua

I awoke to a new friend flipping on the lights in the dorm.

"Wanna come deep sea fishing!" he asked?

(anyone that knows me, knows I dont wake up well) but I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and thought about it for a second before saying to myself "whythehellnot"

Might as well meet some new people. We jumped in a boat, 8 gringos and the pilot, and went out to the nicaruaguan coast to try our luck at deep sea jigging.

Jigging is where you dont use a pole but just a line and a piece of wood as a reel. You drop a weight down and the bait sits just above it on a hook, and you just kinda bounce around the jig on the bottom of the ocean untill you catch something.

None of that matters, of course, if your not catching anything, .............which seemed to be the case.

Actually, the 9 of us did catch two fish. Ryan, the guy that woke me up, seemed to know the most about fishing, and he called them "trigga fish"

They were acctually pretty beautiful fish, just not very meaty. After about four hours, i was anxious to get off the boat and explore the town. I acctually had been in the country for almost 24 hours, by the time I got around to eating my first meal. And OMG was it worth the wait....

I found the cheepest eats in town and ordered a Pescado, whcih just means fish. What I got was what I believe to be a red Snapper with onion and tomatoes. Whatever it was, it absolutely blew my mind. Simply the best fish ive ever had.

I spent the rest of the day checking out the town of San Juan Del Sur. I ate delicious food, and caught a really nice yoga class at the local gym. I spent a saturday night there, but never made it to check out the night life. I guess I was still decompressing from Jam Cruise....

The next day, I walked to the top of the mountain at the north end of the beach where there is this giant statue of Jesus. Hes pointing off into the sunset. I sat there and meditated and decided to move on in the morning.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Managua, Nicaruagua

After stamping my passport my instructions were to go to the pharmacy and wait for this driver to appear with my name on a sign. I spoke no spanish so i just kinda wandered up and down the strip for an hour getting hasseled by cab drivers that were fustrated that i didnt want a ride, but wouldnt leave....

I finally gave in. All i had was the name of a hotel on a piece of paper (i didnt even know the name of the city it was in!!!) and I knew it was about a 2.5 hour ride.

I showed a cabbie named Luise the paper and he rattled off some spanish i couldnt understand to a group of cabbies. he came back and said " We will take zou there for 100$ us"

I was out of options so i agreed. Luise turned to another cabbie and said lets go. He took me to a car, and got in the back seat. I was surprised he was coming with for a 5 hour plus round trip ride so i asked, why are you coming?
He answered "security"

My immediate thought was that i was about to get driven to the ghetto and jummped. why would you ever need to taxi cab drivers????

Turnes out both of them were outstanding humans. Luise came along just for a tip and so he could help interperate for me. I must have looked astonished as the sun set in Managua, while the cab rolled through the most run down neighborhoods i had ever seen.People were burning trash everywhere and I was glad when we out of the city and movine at a steady pace.

The only problem came when i realized, none of us knew where to go. We made it to san jan del sur, but the hostel i was to find was no where to be found. But the guys stayed with me. they kindly stopped on the back roads and walked into peoples homes to ask directions. after about an hour and a half of this I was becoming worried we would never find the place but i just kept quiet thinking that they would eventually find someplace suitable to stay in. we asked for advice one more time from a local man, and he seemed to point up the hill. we went for it, but the 2 wheel drive cab couldnt tackle the hill. Luise tried several times, but eventually we gave up.

At this point i had allready been awake for almost 40 hours, and i was readz to give up. "Just take me into town and drop me off" i told them. They semed worried for me and when we passed a fancy looking hotel they offered to leave me there.

I walked around to the bar-reception area and was stoked to meet a fellow gringo. we quickly got shit sorted out. yes i was close to the spot, and yes it was up the hill. He offered to have his friend drive me up the hill on his dirt bike for a price. I agreed and we zipped up the hill, only to find that the hostel had lost my reservation!!!!

fustrated and tired i went back to the fancy place and asked how much their rooms were. 80$ a night was the answer. In despair i told them there was no way i could afford that and if i could just sleep on the floor or something.

The gringo looked at me and said " you know what, im gunna take care of you." we jumped back on the dirt bike and rode into town to this mans home, where we switched bikes and homie took me to exactly where i never knew i needed to be. Everything happes for a reason, and i knew this in my marrow, when i got to the hostel and found a pile of english speaking new friends laughing and singing sublime and playing drinking games.

7$ a night. ill take it. I passed out within minutes.......

Jam Cruiz janz 3-8th

Before we ever left the port, Ben took me out so meet some of the jammers that had assembled in fort lauderdale. I was surprised as we left the hotel how the wind sweeping off the ocean crumbled my preconcieved notions about florida being warm all the time. The day had been overcast and we had spent it just relaxing, and getting ready to rage.

So we hit up a fancy hibachi style japanese resturant, and got ready to blow some money on food that would later make ben blow chunks. But at least the company was good. I ended up sitting next to a new friend Nickolas. I casually mentioned that after the cruize i was headed to nicaruaga and he about fell out of his seat. Turnes out Nick had spent lots of time in Nicaruaga and acctually had gringo friends down there that started their own surfer paradise hostel. I told him that i was flying into manauga at dusk and he gave me the advice that i should get out of there as quick as possible.
"manauga is no place for a gringo who doesnt speak spanish at night" he said.

so he proceded to hook me up with his friends emails and arrange for a driver to scoop me and take me straight to the friendly little surfer town of San Juan Del Sur.

Feeling a sense of accomplishment I crashed hard and got ready to board the MSC Poesia.

The next day I was ampped, we got some coffee and breakfast at a greasy spoon and got to the dock.

The boat was amayzing. I felt so spoiled. Tai Rea was waiting for me when i got to my room. We quickly dicovered that the boat had a sushi resturant so we booked it over there for what we thought would be the freshest fish in the sea. Turned out to be cheep too ! we were so excited.

People complained about the food on the boat. But i ate great. Acctually i spent allooot of my time eating and sleeping. for some reason i was having a really hard time connecting with anyone on the boat. seemed like everyone had their own little clicks and I didnt really seem to be able to fully break into any of them by my self at all. Tai and I kicked it as much as possible but as alwazs i amd nocturnal and we found ourselves sleeping opposite scheduals.

In general the music was great. I reallz enjoyed Pretty Lights, and STS9. Also got down a little bit to the funk bands and had some good jams in the jam room, which is a room set up for improve of the noodling nature.

In general i found myself really taking it easy. i Bought a bunch of drink tickets, but gave most of them away. I had a reallz hard time getting drunk for some reason and never really got buzzed at all untill the last day. Every other drug on the planet was there, but i found i had trouble partaking. I was more myself when i was just drinking water, doing yoga and meditating. which really made me feel like an oddball. to fully understand you would have to have been on a jam cruiz, because it really is just an over indugent kind of five day rage fest. everyone there seemed to be really abusing their bodies, and i knew that my journey was just starting so i tried to keep it chill.

However, on the last day i got wasted.

i ran into ben who was now a walking talking 5.5 foot taco, handing out patrone to everyone in the hallway, and i thought "why not......"

And i immediatly felt accepted.

I met great people and connected with lots of strangers.
i got down on the dance floor like no ones business and had a blast.

I acctually got off the boat still drunk, and enjoyed getting hasseled by the customs officials who singled me out in an instant and wanted to search my Luggage.

after that i caught a taxi to the train, a train to the plane, and a plane to manaugua.

Kyles Central American Wanderings....(preface)

Hola amigos. Im honored zou are taking the time to read about my random wanderings.

First off, I will give zou a little preface as to mz journezs here. but before i do, zou should know that computers and kezboards are not all the same here. This particular machine mixes up mz Ys and Zs! haha....

Anzwaz so somehow this trip all came together in the blink of an eze, after i started reading Drunvalo Melchizdeks book on the flower of life. I believe everzthing happes for a reason and somehow when i started reading this book i felt a calling.

In his books he talkes about his journezs around central america that he did in order to help the kundalini energz of the planet find their new home in guatamala. He started out bz doing ceremonzs at 8 different temples throughout guatamala , the yucatan and mexico. each temple represented a different chakhra and thez all geographicallz together followed a spiral formed bz the fibinochi sequence.

so it was as i was learning about this stuff and practicing the mer ka ba meditation that Drunvalo teaches that my friend Tai Rea basicallz gifted me a ticket to jam cruize...

so that is where my journez started. I figured as long as I was alreadz as far south at florida, i might as well flz to central america and blow some of the monez i just got at random for a car accident that happend 8 months prior....(like i said everzing happes for a reason)