Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jam Cruiz janz 3-8th

Before we ever left the port, Ben took me out so meet some of the jammers that had assembled in fort lauderdale. I was surprised as we left the hotel how the wind sweeping off the ocean crumbled my preconcieved notions about florida being warm all the time. The day had been overcast and we had spent it just relaxing, and getting ready to rage.

So we hit up a fancy hibachi style japanese resturant, and got ready to blow some money on food that would later make ben blow chunks. But at least the company was good. I ended up sitting next to a new friend Nickolas. I casually mentioned that after the cruize i was headed to nicaruaga and he about fell out of his seat. Turnes out Nick had spent lots of time in Nicaruaga and acctually had gringo friends down there that started their own surfer paradise hostel. I told him that i was flying into manauga at dusk and he gave me the advice that i should get out of there as quick as possible.
"manauga is no place for a gringo who doesnt speak spanish at night" he said.

so he proceded to hook me up with his friends emails and arrange for a driver to scoop me and take me straight to the friendly little surfer town of San Juan Del Sur.

Feeling a sense of accomplishment I crashed hard and got ready to board the MSC Poesia.

The next day I was ampped, we got some coffee and breakfast at a greasy spoon and got to the dock.

The boat was amayzing. I felt so spoiled. Tai Rea was waiting for me when i got to my room. We quickly dicovered that the boat had a sushi resturant so we booked it over there for what we thought would be the freshest fish in the sea. Turned out to be cheep too ! we were so excited.

People complained about the food on the boat. But i ate great. Acctually i spent allooot of my time eating and sleeping. for some reason i was having a really hard time connecting with anyone on the boat. seemed like everyone had their own little clicks and I didnt really seem to be able to fully break into any of them by my self at all. Tai and I kicked it as much as possible but as alwazs i amd nocturnal and we found ourselves sleeping opposite scheduals.

In general the music was great. I reallz enjoyed Pretty Lights, and STS9. Also got down a little bit to the funk bands and had some good jams in the jam room, which is a room set up for improve of the noodling nature.

In general i found myself really taking it easy. i Bought a bunch of drink tickets, but gave most of them away. I had a reallz hard time getting drunk for some reason and never really got buzzed at all untill the last day. Every other drug on the planet was there, but i found i had trouble partaking. I was more myself when i was just drinking water, doing yoga and meditating. which really made me feel like an oddball. to fully understand you would have to have been on a jam cruiz, because it really is just an over indugent kind of five day rage fest. everyone there seemed to be really abusing their bodies, and i knew that my journey was just starting so i tried to keep it chill.

However, on the last day i got wasted.

i ran into ben who was now a walking talking 5.5 foot taco, handing out patrone to everyone in the hallway, and i thought "why not......"

And i immediatly felt accepted.

I met great people and connected with lots of strangers.
i got down on the dance floor like no ones business and had a blast.

I acctually got off the boat still drunk, and enjoyed getting hasseled by the customs officials who singled me out in an instant and wanted to search my Luggage.

after that i caught a taxi to the train, a train to the plane, and a plane to manaugua.

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