Thursday, January 21, 2010

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaruagua

I awoke to a new friend flipping on the lights in the dorm.

"Wanna come deep sea fishing!" he asked?

(anyone that knows me, knows I dont wake up well) but I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and thought about it for a second before saying to myself "whythehellnot"

Might as well meet some new people. We jumped in a boat, 8 gringos and the pilot, and went out to the nicaruaguan coast to try our luck at deep sea jigging.

Jigging is where you dont use a pole but just a line and a piece of wood as a reel. You drop a weight down and the bait sits just above it on a hook, and you just kinda bounce around the jig on the bottom of the ocean untill you catch something.

None of that matters, of course, if your not catching anything, .............which seemed to be the case.

Actually, the 9 of us did catch two fish. Ryan, the guy that woke me up, seemed to know the most about fishing, and he called them "trigga fish"

They were acctually pretty beautiful fish, just not very meaty. After about four hours, i was anxious to get off the boat and explore the town. I acctually had been in the country for almost 24 hours, by the time I got around to eating my first meal. And OMG was it worth the wait....

I found the cheepest eats in town and ordered a Pescado, whcih just means fish. What I got was what I believe to be a red Snapper with onion and tomatoes. Whatever it was, it absolutely blew my mind. Simply the best fish ive ever had.

I spent the rest of the day checking out the town of San Juan Del Sur. I ate delicious food, and caught a really nice yoga class at the local gym. I spent a saturday night there, but never made it to check out the night life. I guess I was still decompressing from Jam Cruise....

The next day, I walked to the top of the mountain at the north end of the beach where there is this giant statue of Jesus. Hes pointing off into the sunset. I sat there and meditated and decided to move on in the morning.

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