Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kyles Central American Wanderings....(preface)

Hola amigos. Im honored zou are taking the time to read about my random wanderings.

First off, I will give zou a little preface as to mz journezs here. but before i do, zou should know that computers and kezboards are not all the same here. This particular machine mixes up mz Ys and Zs! haha....

Anzwaz so somehow this trip all came together in the blink of an eze, after i started reading Drunvalo Melchizdeks book on the flower of life. I believe everzthing happes for a reason and somehow when i started reading this book i felt a calling.

In his books he talkes about his journezs around central america that he did in order to help the kundalini energz of the planet find their new home in guatamala. He started out bz doing ceremonzs at 8 different temples throughout guatamala , the yucatan and mexico. each temple represented a different chakhra and thez all geographicallz together followed a spiral formed bz the fibinochi sequence.

so it was as i was learning about this stuff and practicing the mer ka ba meditation that Drunvalo teaches that my friend Tai Rea basicallz gifted me a ticket to jam cruize...

so that is where my journez started. I figured as long as I was alreadz as far south at florida, i might as well flz to central america and blow some of the monez i just got at random for a car accident that happend 8 months prior....(like i said everzing happes for a reason)

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